Access a vast network of suppliers across four continents for your metal & energy procurement.  

Operating within the highly fragmented commodities market, Terra helps in providing access to reliable, pre-vetted & competitively priced suppliers.

A thorough understanding of the regulatory framework of different countries and expert knowledge of the underlying wholesale market helps us structure efficient procurement arrangements for our clients.   

Commodities dealt in:

  1. Gold Dore
  2. Non Ferrous Metal Concentrates
  3. Iron Ore
  4. Thermal Coal
  5. Precious Metals
  6. Rare Earth

Our end-to-end procurement process involves the following steps:

  1. Identification of probable suppliers
  2. Pre-sourcing review
  3. Short listing the supplier after comparing price and freight costs
  4. RFP process
  5. Contract Review & Negotiation

Gold Dore

Gold Dore is an increasingly competitive market which has also been tainted with a lot of bad deals coming out of various regions on Africa. With the all the compliances surrounding dore sourcing, we lay extreme importance on due diligence and risk protection in all the transactions undertaken.

Currently we are sourcing dore bars & nuggets from Colombia, Peru and Ghana.

Non-ferrous Metal Concentrate & Virgin

Terra helps in sourcing the following metals:

Aluminium, Copper, Cobalt, Lead, Nickel, Molybdenum, Tin and Zinc. 

We arrange long term contracts, production off-take against equity placement and one-off transactions as well. The countries we are currently dealing with are : India, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil & Myanmar

Iron Ore

We work with the suppliers and traders of the whole spectrum of iron ore grades, include low-grade, fine, and high grade lump. We can source iron ore from India, Brazil and Chile

Thermal Coal

We help source the following categories of Thermal Coal:

1. Thermal Coal Type B. Origin: Colombia

2.  Thermal Coal Type A. Origin: Colombia

3. Indonesian Thermal Coal: 5000GCV to 6500GCV