To understand the true nature of Risk is to see it in totality - to see beyond what is visible in isolation, to gauge the opportunity that inevitably comes along with it, and to predict the right time to strike at it.

Terra works as an independent advisor to its clients, assisting them in identifying, evaluating and manipulating risks & opportunities in the pricing and physical management of their commodities.

As an advisor and analyst to large companies, Terra provides analysis of value chains, industry trends, and hedging programs, formulates strategies for multi-asset risk diversification, comprehensive risk management policies, and also assists in identifying procedural inefficiencies within the corporate structure.

Terra helps create an integrated structured risk management framework across Commodity, FX and Interest Rate exposures using its proprietary QuadRisk™ consulting tool. Built around the four pillars of Identification, Measurement, Governance and Mitigation, QuadRisk™ takes a 360-degree approach at understanding and managing risk exposures of a company.